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Tatevik's journey as a mediator is deeply intertwined with her experience in business immigration law including complicated Business Immigration work related to Mergers and Acquisitions. Her insights into the intricate legal and cultural considerations involved in cross-border transactions have honed her ability to navigate the nuances of business negotiations and stakeholder relations. This blend of legal acumen and business savvy is further enriched by Tatevik's expertise in family dispute resolution. Her work with couples navigating the complexities of divorce has instilled in her a profound understanding of human emotions, communication dynamics, and the importance of empathy in conflict resolution. She expertly facilitates critical decision-making, ensuring efficient management of timelines.

Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, Tatevik established her private mediation practice. Her approach is tailored to the specific needs of each case, ensuring that each party's concerns are addressed and mutually beneficial solutions are crafted. Tatevik's ability to create a safe and respectful environment fosters open communication and trust among parties, allowing them to explore perspectives and identify common ground. She guides them through the negotiation process with unwavering patience and expertise, helping them reach agreements that are both legally sound and emotionally satisfying.


Mediator and Founder, TK Mediation in Los Angeles, CA and Online

The Court of Appeal, State of CA, Second Appellate District, Mediation Program

Central District of CA, US Bankruptcy Court’s Panel of Mediators

  • Mediate matters starting from pre-mediation meetings to filing mediated settlement agreements. 

  • Analyze data, develop mediation strategy, conduct client intake, initial consultation, and mediation sessions. 

  • Community mediation concerning real property and landlord tenant disputes. 

  • Entertainment contract disagreement between performers and event organizers. 

  • Partnership dispute over an oral agreement. 

  • Fee dispute between a service provider and a client.  


New Day Divorce Center 

  • Co-mediate divorce matters with the attorney-mediator, Terri Breer. 

  • Case management, client communication, social media marketing, planning events & divorce mediation trainings.


United Nations, FAO Consultancy Roster (Affiliate Workforce)

  • Mediate employment disputes to support a culture at FAO that is respectful and civil, and in which mutual understanding can be reached and differences resolved through dialogue and fair processes. 

  • Guidance on work related problems in a confidential, informal, and neutral forum promoting fair treatment.

Southern California Family Mediation 

  • Mediate court-ordered matters and detailed co-parenting schedules, at children’s and dependency courts, for the most distressed families with youths at high risk for entry into the foster care system.


Tatevik brings extensive legal experience resulting in a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks, business formations, diverse stakeholder relationships, and immigration law. She has proven ability to anticipate issues, navigate ambiguity, create innovative solutions with broad business impact. Tatevik has a track record in establishing cross-functional relationships with key business decision makers, HR, legal compliance, academia, and IT executives while providing strategic guidance. She is recognized for identifying opportunities, leading process improvement initiatives and knowledge management projects through leading meetings and training programs. Tatevik has worked on Diversity Visa Lottery lawsuit and litigation related projects. She has led Mergers and Acquisitions accounts, managed over 200 time-sensitive cross-functional projects for Fortune 100 companies, implemented solutions to resolve employment related legal issues, designed and executed processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. She has gained the above experience working as an immigration specialist, paralegal, and legal project manager.

University of Southern California | Los Angeles, CA | 2022 – 2023

Morrison Urena L.C. | Remote in Los Angeles | 2020 – 2021


Tafapolsky & Smith LLP | San Francisco, CA | 2017 – 2019


GrahamAdair Inc. | San Jose, CA | 2016 – 2017


Tashjian Law Group PC | Glendale, CA | 2012 – 2016


Tatevik has demonstrated leadership through active contribution to the community: 

  • American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Dispute Resolution (DR) Fellow, 2023

  • Women in Dispute Resolution (WIDR) Subcommittee Member, 2023

  • SCMA Family Mediation Institute Planning Committee Member, 2023

  • ABA DR and Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) member

  • Idea to IPO, Silicon Valley Startup, Volunteer, 2016 – 2018

She actively participates in Continued Legal Education (CLE) and has completed over 400 hours of mediation and dispute resolution training, showcasing expertise of conflict resolution methodologies and techniques:

  • Adaptive Negotiation Skills training at American Institute of Mediation, Lee Jay Berman, 2024;

  • Early Dispute Resolution training at AAA and EDR Institute, 2023;

  • Center for Dispute Resolution, Ken Cloke, 2023;

  • New Day Divorce, 2022-2023;

  • Los Angeles City Attorney DRP, 2022;

  • Southern California Family Mediation (SCFM) Family & Dependency Court, 2021;

  • LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA), 2019.

Tatevik. has completed Master of Laws (LLM) degree and obtained Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law in Los Angeles, in 2020. She was awarded USC Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship and Armenian International Women Association (AIWA) Scholarship.


In 2019 she was awarded Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) level 1 Diploma from Napa Valley Wine Academy in 2019. 

She has obtained Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from Yerevan State Linguistics University in Armenia, in 2012, followed by internship at The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia. She received the Embassy of Poland’s Scholarship Award and the UMCS Poland Full Tuition Academic Scholarship. 


Additionally, she has a certificate in Piano and Music Theory from Yerevan State Musical College R. Melikyan, Armenia received in 2006.

Tatevik is fluent in English, Armenian, and Russian, and possess elementary proficiency in French and Polish languages.

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